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Vehicle Heating

In these days of high fuel costs and low emissions it is important to have products which have up to date electronics and combustion technology to deliver heat with minimum fuel consumption and maximum efficiency. The constant product development from Mikuni has led to a range of heating products which suit a large range of vehicles and provide heat reliably with low fuel consumption and running costs. The internal components are all manufactured for long life out of top quality materials to keep your vehicle on the road in all weather conditions. In commercial applications this is important for minimum vehicle downtime and driver/passenger comfort. The Mikuni vehicle heaters range from 1.9kw to 29kw with a choice of air or water heating all running from diesel from the vehicle tank.


Minibus, Camper Home (RV) and Ambulance

The air heating systems are the most popular due to the simplicity, compact installations and quick warm up times. Mikuni heating provide a large variety of special parts to enable installation of heater both inside and underneath the vehicle. When the heater is fitted underneath the vehicle the floor area inside is left free, especially useful in minibus applications where variable seating may be employed.

If you require hot water then a 'MX' water heater can be fitted to provide heat via matrix heaters, fin rads or radiators and domestic water (via a calorifier) for showers and sinks.

With a range of heaters from 1.9kw to 29kw Mikuni heating have a product to suit your vehicle.

Bus and Coach

The Mikuni MXA water Heaters provide a high tech reliable solution of this market sector. The gun style burners have very economical and clean burning characteristics offering low maintenance and low running costs, essential in this highly competitive area. The microprocessor electronics have self-diagnostic function which feeds information back to the driver for constant monitoring of the heating system. The MXA heat exchangers and combustion chambers are constructed from stainless steel to last the life of the vehicle, and along with 4000 hour service intervals the Mikuni MXA Heaters are class leaders.


Truck sleeper cabs have become hi tech areas with a focus on comfort and function. The heating system is essential for overnight sleeping and loading/ unloading to prevent unnecessary idling of the vehicle engine. The minute quantities of fuel that the Mikuni night heaters use reduce operator costs and reduce pollution. The Mikuni night heaters are available with a range of controls for either manual or timed operation.

The larger trucks can be fitted with an MXA110 Heater for engine preheating, gearbox heating and fuel tank heating if you are travelling into extreme cold areas. The Mikuni MXA heater will also automatically start the cab heater to provide overnight heat and screen demisting prior to running the engine. The easy engine starting, reduced engine wear and fuel consumption can be a major benefit, especially for owner drivers looking for that extra comfort and vehicle durability.

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